Dragon Palace Disappears From Santa Monica

This shouldn’t come as a terrible shock to too many people…  Nestled among other neighborhood eateries in the quiet Yale Center strip mall, it appears that Chinese restaurant Dragon Palace has quietly disappeared from its space at 2832 Santa Monica Blvd.  Their reviews were generally on the good side, so I’m not really sure what happened.  I’ll keep watching to see what, if anything, decides to move into the unassuming location.

Update: According to readers Annie & Daisy (thanks!), this strip mall will soon be converted into a mixed use space.  All the other restaurants will also be gone shortly…



9 thoughts on “Dragon Palace Disappears From Santa Monica

  1. The property owner has plans to put up mixed use on the site.  He is evicting tenants as their lease comes up.  Soon all will be gone.

  2. It’s been a few months, but there was a sign in the door thanking everyone for being customers for 30 years (or something long like that).

    I loved the place, no frills inside but some of my favorite food and dishes usually not found other places. But I noticed a lot of other places have shut down there so wonder if the strip mall is going through a revamp or tear down.

      • The owner of the now gone yoga studio told me that it was a neighborhood favorite, and that she used to go there as a little kid.

        It seems like they had history there.

  3. We used to take out from Dragon Palace about once a month for at least ten years. I spoke with one of the owners just before they closed. He said the strip mall was going to be torn down and replaced. He said they were looking for another space, but nothing they had seen made economic sense. It’s sad. Dragon Palace had good Chinese food at a reasonable price — I haven’t found a replacement in Santa Monica.

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