Burgerim’s Location In Culver City…

If you read this blog, you know that ambitious chain Burgerim is on an inexorable path to world domination.  And I recently discovered where their next target is.  An ABC application on the front of 3847 Main St. in Culver City informs us that Lilliputian burgers will soon be available.


3 thoughts on “Burgerim’s Location In Culver City…

  1. I love your blog and emails! You do us all a great service. Thank you!

    Speaking of Burgerim, I just noticed a new Burgerim on Gateway and Barrington in West L.A. in a little strip mall. They really are everywhere.


  2. I saw a “Burgerim Coming Soon” banner on a building in Norwalk, at the corner of Rosecrans & Pioneer, in the Norwalk Town Square shopping center. But the banner looks a bit weathered, so maybe not?

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