Carl’s Jr. Closes In Santa Monica

In Santa Monica, where there’s a dearth of fast food choices, a drive-through restaurant closure stands out. On a tip from a reader (Thanks Joe!), I went to check out what was going on at the Carl’s Jr. at 2727 Santa Monica Blvd.  The location is indeed closed, and the entire property has been fenced off.  I’m not sure if this is permanent or a remodel, so I’ll keep watching…

Update:  After much speculation, one reader has uncovered evidence that Carl’s Jr. is not gone, but rather remodeling.  See for yourself here.



8 thoughts on “Carl’s Jr. Closes In Santa Monica

  1. The sign is still up, which I see as a good sign, so hopefully they’re just remodeling. The customer service there has always been great and they have always been fast and accurate. I can’t say the same about the McDonald’s across the street. I hope the Star comes back soon.

  2. I get biscuits there and the manager told me back in the summer that since it’s a corporate store, they’re going to be part of the remodels to align the restaurants with their branding.

    And yes, they transferred everyone to make sure they kept their jobs.

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