Stark’s Is The New Jerry’s In MDR

Back in October of 2017, Jerry’s Deli closed down their massive operation in Marina Del Rey for an overhaul.  At the time, Eater reported that they would not open under the same name.  Well, after an extensive redo of the commodious space and grounds, a new name has appeared on the corner sign of Mindanao and Marina Expressway.  Probably derived from the company CEO’s family name of Starkman, it appears the new name will be Stark’s.  We wish them the best of luck.

Update:  Stark’s will open on May 21.



9 thoughts on “Stark’s Is The New Jerry’s In MDR

  1. What is the point of this article if you can’t provide specific information. You told us when Jerry’s Deli closed. Wouldn’t it follow that you’d tell us when Stark’s was opening. Irresponsible article!

  2. When will this restaurant open? I’ve seen the lights on but no sign announcing their opening and no ability to call or OpenTable a reservation! Kind of a lame article.

  3. One glaring problem with the old Jerry’s in MDR, was that in their last few years, the entire staff was Hispanic. It did not feel like a “Jewish deli”. From my experiences at Jerry’s MDR, the only time the staff spoke English, was to the customer… all other conversation between staff members was in Spanish.
    Now I’m sure I’ll be accused of racism here, but read-on to understand my reasoning…
    It’s not about racism, it’s about “atmosphere”, perception, and authenticity.
    For instance, if you were to go into a Mexican restaurant, and the entire staff was Chinese, you might question it’s authenticity. Conversely, if you went to have an authentic Chinese food experience, and the entire staff was Hispanic, you might wonder if you are getting “real” Chinese food.
    This notion of “perception” about food and taste is well understood… even scientifically.
    There have been numerous studies that show the very same food will taste different based on it’s visual appearance, sound, lighting, and the manner and environment it is presented.
    It’s a perfect example of a working “placebo effect”, and a term called “priming”.

    Studies have shown, for example, people can be fooled into thinking they are enjoying a nice glass of red wine, when in fact it is white wine with odorless red food dye.
    Marketing and business analysis show that the initial perception of a product is largely dependent on how it’s presented. Restaurant decor and even paint colors can influence the entire dining experience (including taste). You are being “primed”.
    In the last 10 years supermarket chains have done extensive remodeling to appear “higher-end” even though they sell 90% of the same items before the remodeling. You have been primed.

    This is probably why the former Jerry’s MDR owners (and owners of other failing restaurants) choose to remodel, revamp the menu, add a “head chef”, and even change the name or entire concept.
    I haven’t seen the new “Starky’s” menu, as I don’t think it’s available at this time.

    (btw, there is a Starky’s in Santa Rosa,CA, but I don’t think they are related.)

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