Toranj Replacing Grilliant In Westwood

It was only back in May when I told you about the demise of the short-lived branch of Mediterranean eatery Grilliant from their space at 10861 Lindbrook Dr. in Westwood.  Wasting no time, a new ABC application has appeared on the front.  The business name is listed as Toranj, a word that, depending on what part of the world you are in, can mean different things.  But since the applicant is listed as Chicken Chick Corp., I think its a safe guess that poultry will be on the menu.  We’ll have to wait and see what develops…




2 thoughts on “Toranj Replacing Grilliant In Westwood

  1. Hopefully they won’t overprice the food. I never went into old Grillant after one look at the menu. Doing like Falafel King with intro prices for a few months is smarter, build up some regulars then jack up the prices.

    • I meant Crazy Falafel, not Falafel King. Their problem now is they’re the same prices as Zankou Chicken and the food is not as good.

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