New York’s Via Quadronno Coming To Santa Monica

[Breaking News]  I have it on good authority that New York’s famed Via Quadronno is opening a West Coast outpost in the old Chez Mimi space at 246 26th St. (across from Brentwood Country Mart).  And from what I’m hearing, the space, already charming, will be upgraded by well-known architect firm Marmol RadzinerVia Quadronno is the Upper East Side’s purveyor of  “unforgettable cappuccinos and paninis” (as well as a full dining menu) that is a fave with celebrities and has appeared in such shows as Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.  This is a developing story, but way too delicious and exciting not to pass on…


3 thoughts on “New York’s Via Quadronno Coming To Santa Monica

  1. Sopravalutata e non vale la pena. (Overrated and not worth it).

    “Panini” is already plural, “panino” is the singular. There is no such word as “paninis”. Plural of “cappuccino” would be “cappuccini”.

    And I’d agree with Harvey, unless it was really a game changer like Colapasta or a Westside outpost of Antico, the Larchmont adjacent Italian gem.

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