Alfalfa Opening LA’s First Branch In Santa Monica

I noticed new window covering on the diminutive space that used to house short-lived Astro Donghnuts & Fried Chicken at 2309 Main St. in Santa Monica.  Upon closer inspection, the covering reveals that something called Alfalfa is moving in.  And what is Alfalfa?  As it turns out, the only other branch is in Hoboken, New Jersey, so this will be their first LA area branch.  Look for a menu of salads, soups, breakfast burritos, and doughnuts served in a “warm atmosphere”.  While it looks like they’re still developing the Santa Monica menu, you can check out the menu of their Hoboken location here.  We wish them the best of luck.

2 thoughts on “Alfalfa Opening LA’s First Branch In Santa Monica

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  2. Used to live a block from ex Astro DFC. The odor of chicken grease and donut exhaust all day and the construction noise and covering up of a brilliant mural on the side, they were bad neighbors and good riddance to them. It’s a cursed space, has had about 5 different tenants the last 9 years.

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