Rosti Tuscan Kitchen Coming To Brentwood

The hidden little space at 11740 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 104 has had a bumpy ride since its under-the-radar glam industry spot La Scala quit the location.  For a while it was a short-lived French eatery called Meet In Paris, but mostly it has sat empty.  That’s about to change.  There’s an ABC application posted on the front announcing that this space will soon be a branch of Santa Monica’s perpetually popular Italian powerhouse Rosti Tuscan Kitchen.  (They also have a branch in Calabases as well.)  Brentwood sure does love its Italian restaurants…

3 thoughts on “Rosti Tuscan Kitchen Coming To Brentwood

  1. Rosti is no stranger to Brentwood. There used to be one on Barrington a half block south of San Vicente, east side of the street.

    • yes, the space that has been since the early 00’s Sor-Tino. As I understand it the old partnership that owned Toscana and Rosti split up and that’s why it changed – Sor-Tino is good, but very pricey – Toscana-level pricey!

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