99 Ranch Market About To Bless The Westside…

As a Westsider, a couple of times a year I get in the car and drive up the 405 to Van Nuys for a pilgrimage to the 99 Ranch Market (also known as Tawa Supermarket).  They carry a comprehensive selection of Asian groceries, and are most likely to stock hard-to-source ingredients like stinky tofu or broad bean paste.  I’ll return home with piles of Makrut lime leaves, rau ram, fried tofu, a plant for the garden, and just possibly durian.  (Although I do thoroughly recommend a local gem: Ma’am’s International Foods in Santa Monica whose much smaller, concise selection is accompanied by the BEST service anywhere.)  Well that trip up the 405 may no longer be necessary.  It appears we are about to be blessed with our own Westside branch of the chain.  There are tiny window notices up at the former site of the Ross Dress for Less at 1364 Westwood Blvd. in Westwood announcing an upcoming location.  Read more about the company and its vision here.  Very exciting news…

4 thoughts on “99 Ranch Market About To Bless The Westside…

  1. Todd,

    Just for your information, Bread & Porridge on Wilshire and 23rd street in Santa Monica closed permanently last month.


    Debbie Mulvaney

    Mulvaney Business Advisors


  2. I heard this about a year ago, can’t remember the source. Eater LA maybe or Eater LA social media account. I live close by.

    • I remember reading about this a while ago as well, but I couldn’t remember where. They just had their hearing in January and the help wanted signs are new so I decided to go with it as news… Thanks for reading!

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