Mick Jagger At Bouchon, Beverly Hills

Much to the delight of the other patrons, who excitedly whispered to one another and pointed with their eyes (even in jaded LA!), Mick Jagger and entourage enjoyed a late brunch at Bouchon in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Celeb Sightings At The Four Seasons, Beverly Hills

Easter brunch at The Four Seasons At Beverly Hills is always a glittering event.  The parade of jewels, designer clothes, and restalyn is always entertaining as hell.  But it’s the celebrities that everyone pretends not to see that have everyone whispering.  Although I’m sure I missed some stealthier stars, this year I spotted Halle Berry, Seal and Heidi Klum, and Four Seasons fixture Larry Flynt.

Celeb Sightings Over The Weekend

I managed to get around this weekend, here’s who I saw…

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue was at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills on Saturday evening.

Adam Sandler was enjoying breakfast at the Fountain Coffee Room Sunday morning in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

A radiant Suzanne Somers lit up the patio and delighted the other patrons with her charm at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday afternoon. 

Randy Jackson at Ago

Randy Jackson of American Idol was spotted having dinner with friends at Ago in West Hollywood on Wednesday night.  Even though the show airs Wed. evenings, apparently they tape the show earlier to correspond with east coast time slots.