Bombay Cafe Runs Into A Spot Of Trouble…

While it appears to have happened a while ago, I only just noticed that popular Indian restaurant Bombay Cafe, at 12021 W. Pico Blvd., has a little problem.  A notice posted in the front window informs us that ABC has suspended their liquor licence for a violation.  When exactly will you again be able to order an IPA with your makhni paneer?  It might be a while.  The notice says the suspension is “indefinite”.




H.O.M.E. Encounters A Spot Of Trouble In BH

Looks like Beverly Hills’ ambitious jazz club H.O.M.E. (House of Music & Entertainment) has just hit a sour note.  According to this subtle poster affixed to a front window, their liquor license has been suspended until, well… “indefinite”.  I can’t find any indication that they have actually closed, but sadly, I’m afraid you won’t be having any martinis to accompany your blues any time soon.


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Uh oh… Not A Smooth Landing For Flights

Remember back in January when I told you about the impending arrival of Flights Craft Beers + Sports Grill, the new bar with 40 beers on tap, an interesting menu, and odd location (5119 W. El Segundo Blvd, in Hawthorne)?  I’ve been carefully watching this story because the Manhattan Beach/El Segundo food scene is exploding right now and Flights is the farthest east of all of the new upcoming restaurants.  Well, after delaying their opening a few weeks, they eventually opened for business on March 25th.  Shortly thereafter however, they had to close their doors due to health and safety code violations.  A letter pasted under the notice of closure on the front door explains that the moving of an ice machine and installation of a new washing machine required new permits that they simply didn’t know about.  But they are planning on reopening as soon as they can.


Soybean Closed For Health Code Violation

Recently, I noticed that long-time neighborhood fixture and aggressive advertiser Soybean Chinese Food had closed its doors at 11966 Wilshire Blvd. in West LA.  And now we know why…  According to the notice posted on the front door, the restaurant was shut down due to a violation of the California Heath and Safety code.  Written on the notice are three perfunctory words: no hot water.  The windows have been papered over and it looks like someone may be moving in, but no word yet on what might be taking its place.  I’ll keep my eye on it.




What’s Going On At Gate Of India In SM?

Long-standing Indian restaurant Gate of India at 115 Santa Monica Blvd. has closed down and appears to be a total mess inside due to a recent February fire, according to the Santa Monica Mirror.  In a further stroke of bad luck, the City of Santa Monica has closed the building due to structural damage and has posted on the door a “limited entry” notice making it a misdemeanor to occupy the building.  Next-door neighbors Stout and Bar Pintxo remain open.  No word on if they plan on re-opening but I’ll keep my eye on it…



What’s Going On At South In Santa Monica?

Recently, people have been asking me what’s going on at now-defunct sports bar South at 3001 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.  It was reported by Eater months ago that the space would be remodeled into a brand new restaurant, but nothing seems to be happening.  This may explain it… Looks like the old tenants, The Merit Dining Group is being sued for “unlawful detainer-eviction”.  How do I know?  The summons is clearly stuck in the chained front door for all the world to see, along with a notice from the City about water billing issues.  I’ll keep my eye on this one…





Uh-Oh…Broadway Ale House Closed By ABC

I sure overlooked this one… local watering hole, the Broadway Ale House at 129 Broadway in Santa Monica has a big ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) suspension notice stuck on the door.  It’s clearly locked and untended (notice the mail on the floor).  While I don’t have the reason, (the notice states that they have violated the “Alcoholic Beverage Control Act”)  the most usual ABC closure is for underage drinking.  What’s curious is that the first day of the 30 day suspension was December 6th, but the sign states that the suspension could be “indefinitely until license is transferred”.  Not sure what’s going on, but as you can see, the place appears abandoned.  I’ll let you know as more develops…

Uh Oh… Angelina’s Frozen Yogurt in BH Forced Out

I noticed this bit of sad news in the form of a crumpled piece of paper taped to the door of Angelina’s Frozen Yogurt, a local favorite at 430  N. Bedford Dr. in Beverly Hills.  In an apparently heartless move, Santa by way of the sheriff’s department issued a “writ of possession of real property” (otherwise known as an eviction).  The date of the eviction was 12/21 and Angelina’s had to be out by the day after Christmas!  Needless to say, it probably wasn’t a joyful Christmas for the people behind Angelina’s.