Haggen Food & Pharmacy Quietly Takes Over Albertsons In Santa Monica

You could be forgiven for not noticing anything different on the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Park in Santa Monica, but there has recently been a big change.  As longtime LA resident grocery store chain Albertsons quietly slips off the scene, new arrivals are quickly filling in the gaps.  After a closure of only two days, Haggen Food & Pharmacy opened a little over a week ago at 2627 Lincoln Boulevard, thereby unceremoniously taking out Santa Monica’s last Albertsons (the other location on Wilshire is now Bristol Farms).  Founded in 1933 in Bellingham, Washington, Haggen has remained fairly local to the Pacific Northwest.  But toward the end of 2014, the retail grocery chain purchased 146 West Coast branches of Albertsons and Safeway Inc.(Vons), so I think we can expect to see a great deal more Haggen outposts in the near future.  Explore more about your new neighborhood grocery store here. 


2 thoughts on “Haggen Food & Pharmacy Quietly Takes Over Albertsons In Santa Monica

  1. Live right near there and have been a couple of times. Initially it was basically the same store with price increases 10-20%. Noticeable upgrades are in produce and seafood. Try the crab cakes. Actual lump crab. Poki looked fresh. Some half off offers on milk and some produce. Their price will come down. Store traffic was noticeably down. Besides the self checkout, there were zero others checking out when I was.

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