Juice Served Here Arriving Soon In Century City, Santa Monica

Another day, another juice bar in West LA.  Apparently Westsiders can’t get enough.  The latest?  Rapidly expanding chain Juice Served Here is moving into the Westfield Century City Shopping Center as evidenced by the recently installed window announcements.  Offering a menu that is cold-pressed, organic, and local, JSH is wasting no time moving across LA with many more upcoming locations including one at Wilshire and 6th in Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills, and Studio City.  Read more about the “never conventional” company and find a location near you here. 


4 thoughts on “Juice Served Here Arriving Soon In Century City, Santa Monica

  1. Century City is NOT West LA. West LA is the name of an actual neighborhood, it doesn’t refer to the western part of LA at large. Also, nobody in this city uses the term “westside” in reference to anything east of the 405. And the upcoming location in SM is at Wilshire & 7th, not 6th.

      • I don’t know whose “consensus” you’re referring to, but I know plenty of people who live east of the 405 and west of La Brea, and none of them say they’re on the “westside”. The Wikipedia article starts with “it has no official definition” and there’s disagreement over boundaries on its own Talk page.

        The JSH address in SM is one big building that stretches from 7th St down to the mid-block alley (6th Ct). That doesn’t put it mid-block or make it “closer to 7th”, that IS Wilshire & 7th.

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