Osteria Bigoli Taking Over The Vincenzo Space On Montana Ave.

I’ve long heard whispers that a change was coming to secret celeb hideaway Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano, that has inhabited the small space at 714 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. Apparently, hard-working and gregarious Chef Vincenzo Nicoletta has decided it’s time to move on.  Recently plywood has covered the front, and a change of ownership ABC license application is letting us know that the name of the new restaurant will be Osteria Bigoli.  Tortano LLC and the name on the application indicate that perhaps Osteria Bigoli will have some relationship with a restaurant in Covina called Osteria Pane e Vino.  In the mean time, Vincenzo remains open.  I’ll keep following this for more details.





2 thoughts on “Osteria Bigoli Taking Over The Vincenzo Space On Montana Ave.

  1. The food at Osteria Bigoli on Montana Ave. leaves a lot to be desired! It cannot compare to Vincenzo’s original delicious recipes. The only dishes we liked were the original Vincenzo recipes, which the chef was still preparing. But we were told the new owners would be scrapping most of the old Vincenzo recipes for their own very soon. We miss Vincenzo! I can tell you more, if you contact me through my email address.


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