Osteria Bigoli Opens On Montana Ave.

It was only back in September that I told you that clandestine celeb fave Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano at 714 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica was going to be taken over by a newcomer.  I’d known for a while that hard-working restaurateur Vincenzo Nicoletta was looking to move on.  Now it’s official:  Osteria Bigoli has thrown open its doors and is now serving pasta to the good people of NoMa.  Even though I’m hearing from readers who are lamenting the loss of their old favorite dishes from Vincenzo, check out what the new restaurant offers here.


Spumoni Back In Action On Montana Ave. With A New Look… And A New Wood-fired Pizza Oven!

Popular neighborhood restaurant Spumoni, at 713 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica, ran into a spot of trouble a little over a year ago when a car crashed into the next door Café de Paris and sparked a fire that shut the Italian eatery down.  Rising from the ashes, Spumoni threw open its doors last night (Tuesday) for the first time since the fire.  Having taken over the Café de Paris space, the plucky always-crowded café is now larger with an extensive remodel.  The feel is still cozy and friendly, with a dining room bedecked in warm wood paneling.  You’ll continue to find many of the classics on the menu, but if you haven’t thought about Spumoni as a destination in a while, it might be time to reconsider.  They built a spiffy wood-fired pizza oven brought from Napoli and flew in a pizza expert, Pizzaiolo Massimo Caso to serve some the crispest (perhaps best) Neapolitan-style pies anywhere in this neck of the woods.  We wish them the best of luck.




Osteria Bigoli Taking Over The Vincenzo Space On Montana Ave.

I’ve long heard whispers that a change was coming to secret celeb hideaway Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano, that has inhabited the small space at 714 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. Apparently, hard-working and gregarious Chef Vincenzo Nicoletta has decided it’s time to move on.  Recently plywood has covered the front, and a change of ownership ABC license application is letting us know that the name of the new restaurant will be Osteria Bigoli.  Tortano LLC and the name on the application indicate that perhaps Osteria Bigoli will have some relationship with a restaurant in Covina called Osteria Pane e Vino.  In the mean time, Vincenzo remains open.  I’ll keep following this for more details.





Caffe Luxxe To Sell Beer And Wine?

A sign recently went up in the window of artisan coffee purveyor Caffe Luxxe at 925 Montana Ave. indicating that they are seeking to expand to much stronger stuff.  The notice posted in the window informs us that they are requesting an ABC license, and that the City of Santa Monica  is currently reviewing their request. But before you get excited about the prospects of a glass of cab with your cappuccino and croissant, the license they are requesting is an ABC type 20, meaning the beer and wine will only be “off-sale”, or purchasable to be consumed off the premises.




Caffe Luxxe Celebrates 10 Years With Free Drinks This Thursday

Neighborhood artisanal hand-crafted coffee and espresso expert Caffe Luxxe is turning 10 years old.  To celebrate, they’ve created a special 10th Anniversary Blend, that you can sample for free starting today (Wednesday).  And according to their website, tomorrow (August 4th) they will be handing out “FREE drinks all day” at all three locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood.



Frozen Fruit Company Now Dishing All-Fruit Soft Serve To Montana Ave.

Just what you need as the temperature continues to climb…  Back in September of last year, I first noticed that a new shop offering a frozen alternative to yogurt was moving into the space at 729 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  After what seems like a long time, the Frozen Fruit Company is now up and running.  Originally hailing from the UK, FFC offers a soft serve made entirely from fruit in flavors such as pineapple & passion fruit, mango & strawberry, raspberry & orange that you can read more about here.