Falafel King Dethroned… Westwood Weeps

Well this was a shocker…  After having anchored the Westwood Village food scene since, well… forever, Falafel King has closed up shop at 1010 Broxton Ave.  I’m not sure what took out the neighborhood institution, but a gracious handwritten note on the door thanks their loyal supporters for “50 wonderful years” and suggests that they are looking for a new location.


1 thought on “Falafel King Dethroned… Westwood Weeps

  1. There is a special part of my life , life before love and children … etc . Go Bruins ! Westwood my home for 5 perfect years ! 1987-1992
    I love , and will always love the King !!!
    Almost everyday $2.05 for the joy !!!!

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