It’s Bobatime Now Open In Westwood

It wasn’t that long ago that I told you about the sudden demise of Boba Loca in boba-laden Westwood.  Wasting no time whatsoever, a new contender has arrived to the humble space at 10946 Weyburn Ave.   It’s Bobatime is now up and slinging neon multicolored teas to the thirsty students of UCLA.


Westwood Loses An Iconic Restaurant Space…

Years ago, if you went to a movie in Westwood (yes, people used to do that), chances are you stopped by Jerry’s Deli beforehand.  Unfortunately, Jerry’s went extinct in Westwood three years ago and the iconic, cavernous space at 10925 Weyburn Ave. has sat empty ever since.  I’ve been watching to see who would finally take down the decrepid for lease sign and breathe new life into an old classic.  Well, signs did come down recently, and sadly, according to the notice of public hearing posted on the front, the old Jerry’s will be a future “financial service center”. 




Open Oven Pizza Closes In Westwood

Selling pizza to hungry students in Westwood is like shooting fish in a barrel, but competition is stiff.  Back in 2014, the build-you-own concept Open Oven Pizza opened its doors to the hungry masses at 1131 Westwood Blvd.  While there is no clear indication of closure, it has sat idle for a while and Yelp is declaring it closed, so I’m calling it closed as well.



Nushii Opens In Westwood Village

Back in August, I told you about “something big” that was moving into the old Le Pain Quotidien space at 1055 Broxton Ave. in Westwood Village.  That something big turned out to be Nushii, who officially opened today (Monday).  Their menu offers a choice of a sushi burritos or sushi bowls with a selection of items that includes ahi tuna, teri-racha chicken, curry lemongrass tofu, or hearty herb cauliflower.



Garlo’s Aussie Pie Shop Closes In Westwood Village

Westwood Village has a notoriously capricious food scene. Only the bravest make a stand here, and not always with the best results.  Sadly, Garlo’s Aussie Pie Shop has thrown in the towel at 1010 Glendon Ave. as evidenced by the for lease sign on the front.  All may not be lost though:  A message on their website states that they are “on the move” and promises big news soon…




SpireWorks Bringing Turkish Döner To Westwood Village Soon

This took a bit of digging…  I recently noticed that an ABC application was pasted on the front of yet another big build-out just a short distance from the upcoming Nushii, at 1061 Broxton, the old Five Guys space.  No business name is listed.  Likewise, the online application lists no business name either, so I tried a search on the applicant.  Turns out, Dignified Foods International LLC has another ABC application pending in Eagle Rock.  And on that application they list the restaurant name as SpireWorks.  A search for SpireWorks reveals a statement on LinkedIn that describes it as a build-your-own eatery with a focus on Turkish Döner, or spit roasted meats served with bread and toppings.  Finally, their website doesn’t divulge much, but it does confirm that they are aiming to open this Fall in Westwood, and this Winter in Eagle Rock.



Nushii Set To Bring Sushi To Westwood Soon…

It looks like “something big” is coming to Westwood Village soon, to the old Le Pain Quotidien space at 1055 Broxton Ave. to be exact.  What appears to be an extensive build-out will soon be the home of Nushii.  The still developing website doesn’t give us much of a clue as to what type of restaurant Nushii will be, but The Daily Bruin informs us that sushi will be on the menu.