Another Coffee Bean Gone From The Westside…

Earlier this week, I told you about the permanent closure of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on S Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills.  I reader was quick to point out that the CBTL that anchors the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and S Beverly Glen Blvd. was also closing as of Sunday, May 17th.  I went by the coffee shop and checked it out:  A notice in the window confirms that this branch is now permanently closed.  What’s going on with CBTL?


13 thoughts on “Another Coffee Bean Gone From The Westside…

  1. They’re starting to close a significant number of locations and this is the only report I’ve seen online. I’m getting worried

  2. They also closed the one on Ocean Park and 31st in Santa Monica! My mother and stepfather are heartbroken, they (and I) had been walking there for coffee every weekend for nearly a decade. What is going on with CBTL?

  3. Hello. Two more CBTL closures in Santa Monica. One on Main Street and the one on Wilshire and 9th. I, too would like to know what is going on? Are they slowly going out of business?

  4. The one at the corner of Federal and Wilshire In West LA just closed too. They’re closing several iconic locations that had long term leases. Strange thing is, I just saw a new location opening in Long Beach on the Los Coyotes Diagonal, near Spring. What is going on? So sad.

    • Like you I am puzzled at them closing iconic, established locations in LA and opening new ones in rather random places. I assume high rent and lack of foot traffic due to the pandemic plays in, but I also suspect Jollibee has little feeling for CBTL’s native market… Sad indeed.

  5. One more CB store closing: Overland and Washington in Culver City. Employees said they just found out about it in the last few days (I was in there yesterday 9/28). Their last day is this Friday, October 2nd. Employees say the CB drive through on Venice will still be there, not sure about the one on Sepulveda and Palms? I’m so sad 😦

  6. I also saw the CB in Marina del Rey off Maxella is “temp closed” as of earlier this week (12/14) – all of the chairs/tables/equipment are still inside but the place itself is locked up. Really hoping they don’t permanently close this location, too 😦

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