St. Supery Winery… Beverly Hills?

In oenophile news…  You could be forgiven if you didn’t expect to see an ABC license application posted to the front of one of the big flashy storefronts on tony Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills.  Yet there one is taped to the door at 408 Rodeo, a cavernous space that used to house luxury porcelain maker Lladró .  The location has sat empty for a while, but according to the application, it will soon be the SoCal home of Napa Valley’s St. Supery Winery.  The license application is a “02 Winegrower“, which means a non-retail type, so I’m not certain what’s going on here. I guess we’ll just have to keep watching…


Edo Brings Casual Italian Take-Away To Beverly Hills

Edouardo Baldi, Chef/owner of popular Industry power spot e. baldi in Beverly Hills has quietly launched a new take away joint directly behind his eponymous restaurant on Canon Dr.  Simply titled Edo, the coffee bar recently slipped into the unassuming space at 9406 Brighton Way.  On offer are an array of pizzette, focaccine, crostine, desserts, and other Italian faves.

Joe & The Juice Lands In Beverly Hills

I recently noticed the papered-over windows on the space at 9632 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, just to the right of Le Pain Quotidien, announcing yet another juice store arriving soon…  Except, it isn’t just another juice store.  It’s an outpost of übercool international lifestyle/juice brand Joe & The Juice.  Hailing from Denmark and apparently known for hiring hunky guys (at least according to Business Insider, and trust me, you’re gonna want to read this article), this will be LA’s first branch.


Wally’s New Location In Santa Monica Will Be…

Back in March of last year, I noticed a small pending development permit taped to the front of the old Hennessy+Ingalls bookshop at 214 Wilshire Blvd. in Downtown Santa Monica.  The permit listed the applicant as Santa Monica Farmhouse.  Recently a teaser ad went up on the front the space taunting us with, “You will never guess what’s coming soon.” Last week, the ABC applications were on display spilling the beans.  The future occupant will be another branch of the ridiculously popular oenophile paradise Wally’s Wine and Spirits.  Wally’s expansion into Santa Monica came onto Eater’s radar back in late March, but no details were revealed.  Because there are two applications, one for ‘on sale’ and one for ‘off sale’, I think its safe to assume that this Wally’s will be similar in design to the one in Beverly Hills.

North Shore Poke Co. Drops Anchor In BH

LA continues its love affair with raw fish…  Recently “molecular creamery” Ice-Cream Lab closed its chilly doors at 9461 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.  And wasting no time, signs are now up to let us know that expanding Hawaiian restaurant North Shore Poke Co. will soon be moving in.  To read more and view an unnervingly close photo of their product, click here.