Yet Another CBTL Gone…

I’ve been reporting, with some alarm, on the mass extinction of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from the Westside.  The large location at 3150 Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica has also disappeared.  Lots of you have some theories on why this is happening, but does anybody actually have the story?  (Thanks Trent!)



2 thoughts on “Yet Another CBTL Gone…

  1. I do have some insight on that location. As a former employee of that business park, that location relied heavily on those businesses for its customer base. SNAP is now owns about 80% of the park and with them moving to a WFH situation since March their customer base wouldn’t be enough to support that location.
    Sad as this was my first Coffee Bean back when I worked for Activision over 10 years ago.

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