Bluestone Lane Checking Out Of Beverly Hills

As you know if you read this blog, coffee shops are getting hammered right now.  PeetsThe Coffee Bean, and even Starbucks have all been closing locations recently.  And now it looks like the newish Bluestone Lane is leaving its location at 9523 S. Santa Monica, in the Golden Triangle.  The large for lease sign in the window appears to confirm it.


2 thoughts on “Bluestone Lane Checking Out Of Beverly Hills

  1. This makes sense. There are at least 4 other coffee shops within a block or two of this place. I’m surprised they opened in this location to begin with given the existing competition.

  2. Weird! This place has been closed since late Early February, if not before!! I remember going in early February to find a sign on the door that this shop is closed and that their other locations are open.

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