Nusret Beverly Hills Coming Soon…

In its previous incarnations, the space at 184 N. Cannon Dr. has been various restaurants, a jazz club, and even a macrame lounge.  But they’ve all gone by the wayside, perhaps due to being upstaged by perennially glam next door neighbor Spago. Now it appears a plucky new contender is about to give the tricky location a go.  An ABC application on the front is announcing that something called Nusret Beverly Hills is intent on moving in.  What should we expect?  I’m not certain, but perhaps there’s a clue here.  We wish them the best of luck.


3 thoughts on “Nusret Beverly Hills Coming Soon…

  1. Nusret aka “Salt Bae” on instagram… The guy who’s just famous for sprinkling salt on a piece of meat… so 2017! Went to his NYC restaurant maybe 2 years ago, and never went back. Over hyped and overpriced! Dinner for 2 set me back almost $700!! Not a joke.

    Also, can we talk about this exact location on Canon?! I’ve seen maybe at least 10 restaurants in the last 8 years open up and close down in the exact spot! Is it haunted?! Not all restaurants on Canon are expected to make money just because you have E. Baldi and Il Pastaio next door! Even Kreation closed down! Tells you something. Wish them the best of luck. I give it 6 months max

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