Jyan Isaac Bread Coming To Santa Monica

It appears a new bread shop is landing in the space 1622 Ocean Park Blvd. in Santa Monica.  An ABC application on the front doesn’t list a business name.  But a note scrawled on a paper bag on the front door directs us to Jyan Isaac Bread.  What is Jyan Isaac Bread?  The website explains that the baker, Jayan Isaac Horwitz, is passionate about bread and trained under Travis Lett at Gjusta Bakery in Venice.  According to this story in The LA Times, when he found himself out of work due to COVID, he started his own business.  And while he’s already running a delivery service, this location looks like it will be a storefront with food, beer, and wine.  We wish him the best of luck.

6 thoughts on “Jyan Isaac Bread Coming To Santa Monica

  1. My office is down the street. This bread is truly AMAZING, but at $11 a loaf, it better be!! I could gush all day long about it. It even freezes well and retains it’s chewy and crunch texture!

    The other day I saw pizzas coming out of the oven, which looked delectable. If the pizza is anything like the bread, then our neighborhood is in for a real treat. It’s great to see a new pizza replacing the old one with an even better version. Hopefully we can afford to keep them in business! But at these prices, I’m not sure the soccer kids will race across the street after AYSO practice when normal life eventually resumes — like we did with Slice.


  2. So let me get this right. The Slice (while not the most amazing pizza on the planet) was a beacon of our community helping schools feed people at events or hosting post soccer parties for a fair price and sadly goes under during the pandemic. I heard the rumor that rent went up for them and they had to fold. Again rumor but now even based off comments left here on this site I tend to believe it.

    So here is what I want to know. First off how is a 19 year old gonna sell me beer? How is that legal? Also this jabroni who brags about being a “veteran” bread maker of TWO years just magically gets to open up in a pandemic? I live a few blocks away and as I saw bread being burnt a few mornings ago I laughed as they tried to wave me away as I was simply trying to take a photo of the paper bag sign they have up so I could look into this place. Also for what it’s worth no one had a mask on and they were all within 6 feet of each other.

    Chances are this place will never get a dime for me and I hope it fails. This is not what our neighborhood needs at all.

  3. Well that was quick. Place is shut down for a remodel without approved plans.

    Also for those who care the guys making the bread don’t wear masks when they make it.

    I am sure daddy can cover the costs and they will be back soon

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