Luna Grill Gone From Santa Monica?

About two years ago, Luna Grill started slinging its signature Mediterranean food from its newest location at 3001 Wilshire Blvd.  While their website still lists this location as temporarily closed, last week a reader (Thanks Stephen!) questioned whether that was true.  So I went by to have a look.  Sure enough, the windows are papered over and a note on the front is announcing that they are closed, so it looks like they’ve no intention of reopening.

1 thought on “Luna Grill Gone From Santa Monica?

  1. Rooting for so many restos and chefs and beloved food innovators or purveyors and LA stalwarts to survive in these times… but DING DONG, thank god this one is dead.

    LG is overpriced, just meh qualtiy food pandering to middling corporate-expense-type pricing folk and mediocre wannabe “foodies” who have no actual experience with great ME or med food before they tasted this bland blahness. So embarassed for the white trash “foodies” [they’re words] in my company who ate here once, then declared it AMAZING and kept trying to force it on rest of company despite complaints about bland overcooked proteins, and forgettable EVRYTHING except one spicy side dip thingy everyone loves. Go back to FLORIDA and NJ, you trashbags, and take Luna Grill with you, PLEASE.

    Luna Grill is what happens when bland white trash still can’t tell diff between taste, good taste and tasty.

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