Margo’s Is Back Santa Monica!

This post is for all those concerned readers who wrote me inquiring about their beloved Margo’s restaurant at 1534 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  In the last wave of COVID shutdowns, Margo’s closed like every other restaurant… but it never reopened.  For all intents and purposes it appeared that the popular eatery was throwing in the towel.  Well… you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief:  A banner hanging over the door is announcing to all that Margo’s is back.

1 thought on “Margo’s Is Back Santa Monica!

  1. Their food is horrible and before that it was the same when the place was called Butcher & Sons. Last year March I had a “seared” ahi tuna burger with a sesame crust that was served as a raw slab of fish with sesame seeds. Absolutely gross, walked out, told the chef he needs to find a new job, and the manager chased me into Sweetgreen across the street to profusely apologize and gave me a gift card for their other restaurants, which I gave to a homeless guy. He was thrilled.

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