Subway Disappears From Montana Ave.

While no one was looking, the tiny branch of massive sandwich chain Subway quietly slipped out of its long-time location at 625D Montana Ave.  And why does this matter?  While this may be welcome news to some, this particular branch served as one of the very last quick and inexpensive lifelines for employees on a street that has been completely taken over by expensive restaurants, high-end delis, and fourth-wave coffee joints.  I’ll keep my eye on the space to see what may move in.  

3 thoughts on “Subway Disappears From Montana Ave.

  1. This replaced a great pizza joint, Patty’s Pizza, and that is just what Montana needs, a fast and fresh pizza slice spot! Spumoni and Rosti won’t mind, they have their niche covered, but the area needs a slice outlet (Piece O’ Pizza used to be between 16th and 17th and was where all the kids went after school).

    • That’s right! I forgot this was a Patty’s Pizza! I agree, a quick grab pizza slice joint would be perfect. But I’m afraid it appears that Montana Ave is moving in a different direction. -TRA

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