Bud’s Deli Disappears From Santa Monica

A sharp-eyed reader (Thanks John!) noticed that beloved local institution Bud’s Deli has closed up shop at 2727 Ocean Park Blvd.  The hole-in-the-wall breakfast and sandwich shop had been on the go for 35 years.  The unassuming space is currently being gutted and there is a hand-written sign in the window thanking fans for years of patronage and blaming “issues with the lease” for the closure.  I’ll watch the location to see what may develop.

2 thoughts on “Bud’s Deli Disappears From Santa Monica

  1. Where will we get broasted chicken? Buds had the legit 1970s style broasting machine. We just just ate Bob’s Fried chicken and those were fried and roasted only.

    Thanks for saving us a trip to Bud’s Deli. Yelpers may not quite.know the difference between fried and broasted chicken….

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