Nekter Juice Bar “Not Open To The Public” In Downtown Santa Monica

A longtime provider of healthy juices to the yoga crowd in Downtown Santa Monica has mysteriously closed its doors.  There’s a note on the front of Nekter Juice Bar, at 1422 2nd St. that says they are “currently not open to the public”, whatever that means.  But don’t worry, Nekter has a number of other locations across SoCal, and the US.

2 thoughts on “Nekter Juice Bar “Not Open To The Public” In Downtown Santa Monica

  1. They’ve probably been robbed and threatened by the crazy lunatics who run our city. I don’t know how any of these businesses stay open and it would be terrifying to go to work every day thanks to our elected officials. Not sure why they don’t see what’s going on in Santa Monica but I have a good idea. Their heads are up their behinds.

  2. Sounds like a health code violation and they are in the process of fixing it. It could also be plumbing or other infrastructure being dealt with.

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