The Upper Crust Pizzeria Coming To Brentwood

People were devastated when favorite neighborhood French charmer Belle Vie fell victim to the Pandemic.  According to new signs, the space will soon be a branch of up-and-coming pie joint The Upper Crust Pizzeria.  You may recall that before Belle Vie, this space was the home for 40 years of Divita’s Pizzeria, so I guess this is a bit of a full circle.  The Upper Crust has locations in Massachusetts and California and offers a menu of “sort of famous” pizza, wings, lasagna, and calzone.

Belle Vie Food & Wine Opens In West LA

I first noticed that something new was coming to the space at 11916 Wilshire Blvd. that formerly housed the fusty Western Los Angeles fixture Divita’s Pizzeria back in January, when window paper promised a new restaurant and wine bar brought to us by Vincent and Chase.  Then in June, Divita’s iconic sign was changed and let us know the name of the new wine bar: Belle Vie Food & Wine. On Tuesday, Belle Vie (which means “beautiful life” in French) threw open its doors for the first time.  The new eatery is helmed by Vincent Samarco and Cedric Nicolas, both of whom have cut their teeth in Paris restaurants.  Expect a French-leaning menu (moules, frites, charcuteries, fromages, French wines) that also includes a few surprises like mac and cheese, gravlax, devilled eggs, and “Burgundy tacos“, all served in a cozy, neighborhood bistro and bar with warm service.  Check out their website and read more here.






Belle Vie Food & Wine Is The Name Of The Mystery Vincent & Chase Restaurant

Back in January, I noticed that a new restaurant and wine bar was moving into the space at 11916 Wilshire that formerly housed the beloved, fusty West Los Angeles fixture Divita’s Pizzeria.  At the time, the paper covering the windows promised us that the new restaurant would be local and independent and brought to us by Vincent & Chase.  The landmark marquis that loudly proclaimed Divita’s location for over 40 years now has a new look.  It appears that the name of the new eatery will be Belle Vie Food & Wine.  The signage seems to indicate that new place will have some reference to France, but I can’t find out much more information other than a Facebook page and this, which seems to reference the French Chef Gilles Stassart and his open air restaurant Art Home at Paris’ Le Palais de Tokyo.  The mystery continues…