Don Chuy’s Restaurant Replacing Shalimar Of India In Culver City

With all the self-isolation lately, I’m simply not out in the community as much as I normally would be, and I really appreciate when readers send me stories.  Recently, one reader (Thanks Keith!) sent me this photo of an ABC application on the front of what was formerly Shalimar of India at 10708 Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City.  As you can see, this will be the future home of Don Chuy’s Restaurant.  There currently is a Don Chuy’s at 11800 Jefferson, but I’m unclear if they’re moving locations or if this will be a second branch for the Mexican restaurant.


Don Chuys Authentic Mexican Restaurant Joining The Mad Dash To Feed Playa Vista

With all the development under construction along Jefferson Blvd. in Playa Vista, we shouldn’t be surprised that a new influx of savvy restaurateurs are rushing in to feed the new neighborhood.  The latest to join their ranks?  With one location on Washington Place in LA, banners stretched across the strip mall on the southwest corner of the intersection of Jefferson and Mesmer indicate that Don Chuys Authentic Mexican Restaurant is expanding south.  The family-owned restaurant offers a hand-crafted menu in the style of Leon Guanajuato, Mexico that you can read more about here.