Chick ‘N’ Ribs Now Closed In SMP

And here again we find ourselves in the midst of “Closure Season”, when the end of Summer beach crowds begin to dwindle and restaurants disappear right in front of our eyes.  There have already been a fair number of recent closings: Elaine’s, Daily Grill, and Manchu Wok.  The latest to join their sad ranks?  Chick ‘N’ Ribs is now closed in the troubled food court of Santa Monica Place.




Elaine’s Bakery & Cafe Now Closed In Brentwood

Knowing all that goes into opening a restaurant, it is never happy news to report a closure.  Sadly, it appears that after being open almost one year, Elaine’s Bakery & Café is now closed at 11677 San Vicente Blvd. Suites 315 & 317 at the top of Brentwood Gardens.  And they wasted no time clearing out by the looks of things.  This leaves two big empty spaces in the Brentwood Gardens, the other being the old Daily Grill space.  (A reader informed me that rumor has it the Daily Grill space will be inhabited by a Mendocino Farms, but I cannot confirm this…)



Elaine’s Bakery & Café Coming Soon To Brentwood

It looks like a new venture, Elaine’s Bakery and Café will soon be inhabiting the space left by now-defunct La Provence at 11677 San Vicente Blvd. Suites 315 & 317 at the top of Brentwood Gardens.  Not much out there yet except for the application to sell liquor posted in the window, but you can check out a tentative menu from their still-developing website here