Helados La Michoacana Starts Dispensing Icy Treats

Just in time for a hot summer…  Since I first told you about indications of a new icy treat shop moving into the commodious space at 11813 W. Santa Monica Blvd. in LA, a great many of you have been following its progress.  Helados La Michoacana has recently thrown open its doors for business.  A cursory peek inside reveals what looks like miles of wrap-around freezer counters loaded with every imaginable ice cream, frozen pop, and juice.



Helados La Michoacana Bringing Icy Treats To The Westside Soon

Construction is fast and furious on a new ice cream and juice bar coming to 11813 W. Santa Monica Blvd. in LA.  The banner on the front informs us that Helados La Michoacana will soon be moving in.  Not sure when they’ll open, but it looks like they don’t have that far to go…