Hillstone Restaurant Group Expands Into Montecito

It wasn’t that long ago that an old-timey nursery sat at 1255 Coast Village Road in posh Montecito, a relic of the now-tony street’s utilitarian past that has disappeared to accommodate the patrons of estates worth millions just a stone’s throw away.  The nursery was demolished to make space for a new development that will house a branch of LA-based Hillstone Restaurant Group (Houston’s, South Beverly Grill, Gulfstream, Bandera), according to the ABC application posted outside.  This will be a prominent national chain presence in the sleepy seaside town known for its fiercely local and independent restaurant scene.  And while I can confirm neither an opening date nor the exact branch of the HRG, rumor has it that the new venue will be an R+D Kitchen.



Honor Wines And Spirits Now Open In BH

If you’ve ever marvelled at the fact that you can get a bottle of Frank Family chardonnay for $34 at South Beverly Grill, or Shafer at Hillstone in Santa Monica for $65, then you are well acquainted with the fact that the wine buyers at the Hillstone Restaurant Group (Gulfstream, Houston’s, R & D Kitchen, etc.) know what they’re doing.  Now’s your chance to take advantage of their expertise…  Just to the left of their South Beverly Grill and Honor Bar, Hillstone has quietly opened a retail store, Honor Wines and Spirits at 114 South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.  They offer a carefully curated selection and other perks such as no corkage in any of their restaurants when purchased from Honor, and table side purchase at SBG.  I was thrilled to come across a personal favorite, Stuhlmuller.





Rotisserie Works Closed In The Century City Shopping Center; Seasons 52 Moves Into Old Houston’s Space

It looks like Rotisserie Works in the food court of the Century City Shopping Center is now closed.  I’ll keep my eye on the space and let you know if anything moves in…

In other CC news, it’s being reported that Seasons 52, a new restaurant is moving into the Century City Shopping Center (la.eater.com).  It apparently is going into the old Houston’s space because I noticed this little card taped the old front door.  With locations across the US, Seasons 52 bills itself as a “fresh grill”.  You can read more about it here: seasons52.com.

The  old Rotisserie Works space…


The card taped to the front door of the old Houstons space…