Sesame Moe’s Throws In The Towel In Manhattan Beach

The dramatic renovation of the Manhattan Village on the corner of Rosecrans and Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach has a new casualty.  Self described “true mediterranean” restaurant Sesame Moe’s has pulled up stakes.  Not sure what happened, but you can read their goodbye message here. 


Open Sesame Is Now Sesame Moe’s In Manhattan Beach

If you’re heading to Manhattan Village for the Mediterranean food at local fave Open Sesame, you might be surprised to see that Open Sesame appears to have been taken over by a new place, Sesame Moe’s.  But it hasn’t really…  The restaurant has changed its name, but the owner, menu, and staff remain the same.  Why?  According to the owner Moe Bonakdar, he just needed “a little self-recognition”.