El Merkat By Teleferic Barcelona Coming To Brentwood

It was me who broke the news that high-end Spanish tapas chain Teleferic Barcelona was replacing old school Italian fave Vincenti at 11930 San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.  They have since opened to nightly adoring crowds.  Now it looks like the brand is increasing its presence along the tony street.  Right next door to Teleferic Barcelona, plywood is up on the space 11934 San Vicente announcing a branch of El Merkat by Teleferic Barcelona.  On offer at El Merkat will be a selection of “authentic Spanish gourmet products” including cheeses, meats, wines, spices, and paella kits.

Vincenti Bids Arrivederci To Brentwood; Being Replaced By Telefèric Barcelona

I’ve been hearing from shocked readers that after 25 years, under-the-radar Brentwood powerhouse Vincenti Restorante has closed up shop at 11930 San Vicente Blvd.  Vincenti dazzled The Westside for 25 years with its combination of inventive Italian food created by Chef Nicolo Mastronardi and its sophisticated setting.  The hard-working woman behind Vincenti, Maureen Vincenti, would greet you with a hug at the door and inquire about your life as she led you into the elegantly appointed dining room studded with old-school Hollywood A-listers and industry execs.  And while the luster may have dulled a tad recently, it’s easy to forget that Maureen’s late husband, Muaro Vincenti, along with Piero Salvaggio and others, revolutionized the way Los Angeles and America experienced Italian food.  Its closure feels like the end of an era of classic Italian fine dining.  Read Maureen’s and Chef Mastronardi’s parting message here.

Wasting no time whatsoever, it appears that Telefèric Barcelona will be throwing their hat into the ring of the recent tapas craze by taking over the space.  Telefèric Barcelona hails from Spain and has a smattering of locations in NoCal.  They offer a “truly authentic Spanish Tapas concept and experience”.  Check out their menu here.

Erratum:  This story was originally published with the misspelling of Vicenti instead of the correct Vincenti.  My apologies.