Kye’s Now Pushing “Kyeritos” in SM…

Well that didn’t take long…  Back in June, I told you about a new “superfood” concept restaurant poised to take over the space at 1518 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica that used to house pizza restaurant BricoLAAnd by some miracle of planetary alignment (for that’s what’s needed to open a restaurant this quickly in Santa Monica), Kye’s opened yesterday (November 5th).  Look for varied menu of salads, shakes, smoothies, breakfasts offerings, and their proprietary “kyerito”, which is essentially a wrap of such favorites as BBQ pork, reuben, paleo tuna, as well as many veg and vegan options such as bean taco, and “Nahm Jim“, the latter consisting of “assorted veggies, herbs, lotus root, woodear, Nahm Jim fish sauce or Veg Nahm Jim sauce, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, sliced almonds, red/black rice blend, and nori” (whew!).  Read more and check out their complete menu here. 




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