Bread Head Coming To Montana Ave.

It was only back in December when I told you about the disappearance of lunch spot Kye’s from its location at 1518 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  Recently, window paper went up on the space announcing the arrival of something called Bread Head.  As it turns out, Bread Head has had a presence as a pop up since 2021 and is the project of Alex Williams and Jordan Snyder, two chefs from Trois Mec. They specialize in carefully crafted sandwiches on homemade bread.  Read the full story on their website here.  Definitely a welcome addition to the expanding and unexpectantly exciting Montana Ave. food scene.

Kye’s Quits Montana Ave, Opening In Colony And Venice’s New Colony

Kye’s opened at 1518 Montana Ave. in November of 2014 and has maintained a solid fanbase ever since.  Their signature “KyeRito” (essentially a wrap that they describe as a “handheld bowl or salad”) was popular among the carb-conscious crowds of NoMa.  So I was quite surprised when readers began messaging me to let me know that Kye’s has closed at this location.  But don’t panic, they are moving the operation to West LA’s “smart kitchen” Colony at 11419 Santa Monica Blvd.  Their website also says that they will be opening in a new Colony at 411 Lincoln in Venice as well.

(Thanks Casey!)

Pulse Cafe Bids Bye-Bye To Santa Monica

Back in December of 2012, I told you about a new healthy café that had just arrived at 1426 Montana Ave. #5 in Santa Monica.  Since then, Pulse Café had made quite a sensation among the yoga crowd with its signature hot smoothies and organic boba.  Sadly however, it appears that Pulse Café has given up the ghost, possibly due to stiff competition from nearby Beaming, Kye’s, and any number of other juice joints that crowd the street.  The space has  been cleared out and there are prominent “for lease” signs in the window.  I’ll keep my eye out for replacements…

Kye’s Now Pushing “Kyeritos” in SM…

Well that didn’t take long…  Back in June, I told you about a new “superfood” concept restaurant poised to take over the space at 1518 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica that used to house pizza restaurant BricoLAAnd by some miracle of planetary alignment (for that’s what’s needed to open a restaurant this quickly in Santa Monica), Kye’s opened yesterday (November 5th).  Look for varied menu of salads, shakes, smoothies, breakfasts offerings, and their proprietary “kyerito”, which is essentially a wrap of such favorites as BBQ pork, reuben, paleo tuna, as well as many veg and vegan options such as bean taco, and “Nahm Jim“, the latter consisting of “assorted veggies, herbs, lotus root, woodear, Nahm Jim fish sauce or Veg Nahm Jim sauce, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, sliced almonds, red/black rice blend, and nori” (whew!).  Read more and check out their complete menu here. 




Kye’s Superfoods Introduces SM To The “KyeRito”

Wasting no time whatsoever, a new venture is going into the space at 1518 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica that used to house pizza restaurant BricoLA, that only just closed in May.  While I can’t find out a lot of information, the still-developing website and posters in the window seem to indicate that the new restaurant offers “super tasty super foods” that are gluten-free, easily vegan or Paleo, and come in the form of a “KyeRito”, which I’m assuming is a wrap of some sort.  I’ll let you know more as it develops…