Forma Restaurant And Cheese Bar Shoots For A February Opening On Montana…

Back in April, I told you about a new Italian restaurant taking over the 17th St. Cafe/Jack’s on Montana/On Montana space at 1610 Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.  Brought to you by the people behind Pecorino in Brentwood, at the time, it was reported to me that the new eatery was to be called Formaggio.  We have since learned that the name had been shortened to Forma.  Originally I was told that they were hoping for a September opening, but this being Santa Monica and all, restaurants seldom make their projected opening dates.  But we do know that Forma Restaurant and Cheese Bar is shooting for a February opening as indicated by the announcement that was recently placed on the plywood covering the space.  I’ll keep checking…

Update:  Forma is now open.


6 thoughts on “Forma Restaurant And Cheese Bar Shoots For A February Opening On Montana…

    • Not yet… It’s incredibly difficult to open a restaurant in SM due to City red tape (unless you’re a Starbucks). The opening date continues to be pushed back. I last heard a date had been set for late March, but obviously it didn’t occur. Keep reading as I’m watching this closely…

      • Guys, latest news is April 30th for a soft friends and family opening. Health inspection was today and the restaurant has already passed city inspection.

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