Here’s A Glimpse Inside The New Westfield Century City…

Like so many of you who keep checking this blog for updates, I too am excited and anxious to see what the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center is going to look like.  Recently, a new wing of the glam mall opened, albeit with few stores open yet.  Although much of this has been reported, here’s a look at what’s coming to the food scene…



Here’s What’s Going On In Century City…

As you know, I’ve been carefully watching the developments during the renovation of the Westfield Century City Shopping Center.  As we get closer to the unveiling of the glitzy new dining and shopping destination, here are the latest developments.  While much of this has already been reported, this is what you can actually see:

What’s Now Closed:

Coral Tree Express finally closed in the mostly boarded up food court.


Tenacious Breadbar vacated its first floor location.


The Hillstone Restaurant Group’s Gulfstream is now gone.


What’s Coming:

California Pizza Kitchen has an ABC license posted on the second floor.


Manhattan Beach’s Petros Benekos will be bringing his Greek/Californian cooking north with an outpost of Petros Speakeasy on the second floor.


Signs have gone up confirming that Orange County’s wildly popular Mexican restaurant Javier’s is indeed moving into the old Season’s 52 space.


And if you look carefully at the Gulfstream photo above, you’ll see mentioned that Taiwanese noodle and dumpling experts Din Tai Fung is coming along with the wildly-anticipated and oft reported Eataly.

What’s now open:

LA’s latest branch of New York’s popular Shake Shack opened last week to long lines.


Vanilla Bake Shop Finally Closes In Century City

One of the last holdouts in the rapidly developing Westfield Century City Shopping Center, Vanilla Bake Shop has finally closed.  Apparently, they may not be returning to the glitzy new mall once it opens sometime later this year.  The website states that the upcoming Pasadena location is where they are relocating.



Take A Bao Disappears From Century City

I’ve been carefully watching the bleeding of eateries from the food court of the Westfield Century City Shopping Center.  While I don’t have confirmation, I’m beginning to wonder if the restaurants must leave because of an upcoming renovation to the court to keep it in line with the flashy new mall, set to be unveiled sometime next year.  The latest casualty:  Asian bun and noodle joint Take A Bao recently disappeared.  As always, I’ll keep my eye on things…takeabao

Another One Bites The Dust In Century City…

We wait with bated breath for the changes that are coming to the Westfield Century City Shopping Center.  And as things dramatically transform in the food scene, yet another eatery falls to the wayside.  It was only just two years ago that I told you that Vietnamese restaurant NiBi Pho Bistro had secured a space in the famously capricious food court.  Plywood recently went up over the space informing us that they have closed.  That leaves only eight eating places left in the court by my count…



Still More Changes In Century City…

As we all wait with bated breath for the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center to emerge from the dust of construction, thereby gracing us with an outpost of mythic Eataly and 15 promised new restaurants, the troubled food court continues to lose inhabitants.  Recently, the short-lived branch of quirky Korean pizza giant Mr. Pizza disappeared, as did Fatburger just to its left.  By my count, that leaves 5 vacancies…



All About The Bread Closes In Century City

They’re dropping like flies in Century City…  It was only back in December of last year that I noticed that Melrose’s specialty sandwich shop All About The Bread had quietly slipped into the turbulent waters of the food court of the Westfield Century City Shopping Center.  Sadly, they have abandoned their space in the rapidly changing mall.  That brings the total number of vacancies to three…