Organica Juice Bar Squeezed Out Of Beverly Hills

The space at 9465 S Santa Monica Blvd., set squarely in a notoriously tricky stretch of The Golden Triangle for restaurants, has seen its share of eateries come and go.  The latest to go?  It was back December of last year that I told you about the new pressed juice joint, Organica, that had recently opened.  Unfortunately, they didn’t make it a year.  A reader was quick to point out that they have now vacated the address.  I’ll keep watching to see what other brave contenders may attempt the space…

1 thought on “Organica Juice Bar Squeezed Out Of Beverly Hills

  1. They should never have opened in this location as there were already 2 juice shops on the same street, a block a couple of blocks away. Also, the cheapest juice was $10. That’s expensive. Many businesses that open in Beverly Hills think everyone in the area is wealthy, and that they can charge excessive prices, but that’s not the case. A lot of people that go to beverage shops and restaurants in this area are tourists, retail workers, and office workers that don’t have $10-15 to spend on a juice. You can get them for half of that at Whole Foods a few blocks away.

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