Basanti Tea Bar Quits Beverly Hills

South Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills is a revolving door for restaurants.  Basanti Tea Bar decided to try their luck when they opened back in 2015 at 9465 S. Santa Monica Blvd.  Sadly, they have recently vacated the space.  A note taped to the front door blames “unforeseen circumstances” for their misfortune.  I’ll keep watching the spot to see who’ll be next to give it a shot.Basanti1.jpgBasanti2.jpg



Basanti Tea Bar’s Grand Opening…

Back in November, I told you about the impending arrival of a new café to the then-empty former Crumbs space at 9465 South Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.  On Thursday, Basanti Tea Bar held its official grand opening.  Included in the festivities were free drinks, prizes, and yes, a Charlie Chaplin impersonator.  Not much to see on their still-developing website, but if your Spanish is good, you can find more info about the Mexico-based company here. 


Basanti Tea Bar Landing Soon In Beverly Hills

Looks like a new venture, Basanti Tea Bar will soon be taking over the vacated Crumbs Bake Shop space at 9465 South Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.  Not much out there yet except a still-developing website and job listings, but apparently the company was founded in Monterrey, Mexico in 2008.  Look for a menu of “more than 35 loose leaf tea mixes, exotic fruits and indulgent flavors”.  No word on an opening date, but I’ll keep checking…