The End Of Williams Sonoma On Montana Ave?

And while we’re on the subject of sad closings…  I have it on a solid inside tip that Santa Monica’s chic palace of all things kitchen-related, Williams Sonoma is set to close its doors.  It is currently still open, and I do not have a time line, but I believe the intel is trustworthy.  Williams Sonoma has been a sparkling anchor on the east end of Montana, and its demise will leave a cavernous hole in the upscale shopping district.  By the way, I’m also hearing that the Starbucks on the corner of 15th and Montana is set to close as well due to high rents.

Update:  I strive for accuracy because I know many of you trust me for food news.  At the time that I wrote this post in February, I had it from a good source that they were planning on closing.  However, this appears to have changed.  Unlike their Beverly Hills branch, this one appears to be remaining open, for now.  This pandemic has been rough on local business.  If you wish to keep Williams-Sonoma open, I encourage everyone to shop here as often as possible, and support other local businesses as well.  (written 12/30/2020)



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