Williams Sonoma Coming To The Original Farmers Market

Don’t count out fancy Westside kitchen shops quite yet.  The commodious Beverly Hills Williams-Sonoma closed earlier this year (a new Erewhon is replacing it), and Sur La Table has abandonned us.  All this has left panicked Westsiders scrambling to find somewhere to buy their Mauviel pans and couscoussiers.  Even the Santa Monica location of Williams-Sonoma was rumored to be on the chopping block, but seems to have survived for now.  But there’s hope on the horizon.  The Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax is getting its very own Williams-Sonoma so… tragedy narrowly averted.

Erewhon Set To Bless Beverly Hills With Its Presence

Good news people of Beverly Hills, high-end goceries are heading your way!  Many of you grieved when I told you about the closure of the much-beloved Williams Sonoma at 339 N Beverly Dr.  Wasting no time, window coverings are informing us that this location will eventually be an outpost of popular (if pricey) natural foods grocer Erewhon.   It appears that they are taking their time: They’re shooting for an opening next year.

Williams-Sonoma Will Be Closing In Beverly Hills

Well this is sad news indeed.  Look at this photo in the window of Beverly Hills’ bright, beautiful Williams-Sonoma.  Yes, it’s true: this location at 339 N Beverly Dr., known for having the best selection in the area, will be permanently closing its doors.  They will remain open through the end of January.  Their locations in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, and Pasadena will stay open, for now…

The New Face Of Santa Monica

We’re living with madness right now, and shops and restaurants are really feeling it.  If you haven’t been out much, you may not have seen that stores have begun boarding over their windows.  Sur La Table at Wilshire and Third is covered, and Williams Sonoma on Montana Ave. is also boarded.  What they’re anticipating is anyone’s guess…


The End Of Williams Sonoma On Montana Ave?

And while we’re on the subject of sad closings…  I have it on a solid inside tip that Santa Monica’s chic palace of all things kitchen-related, Williams Sonoma is set to close its doors.  It is currently still open, and I do not have a time line, but I believe the intel is trustworthy.  Williams Sonoma has been a sparkling anchor on the east end of Montana, and its demise will leave a cavernous hole in the upscale shopping district.  By the way, I’m also hearing that the Starbucks on the corner of 15th and Montana is set to close as well due to high rents.

Update:  I strive for accuracy because I know many of you trust me for food news.  At the time that I wrote this post in February, I had it from a good source that they were planning on closing.  However, this appears to have changed.  Unlike their Beverly Hills branch, this one appears to be remaining open, for now.  This pandemic has been rough on local business.  If you wish to keep Williams-Sonoma open, I encourage everyone to shop here as often as possible, and support other local businesses as well.  (written 12/30/2020)


Blender Girl Book Signing This Saturday…

Looking to reboot the New Year’s health resolution that you abandoned January 2nd?  You’re in luck…  This Saturday, April 26th at 1:00pm at the Williams-Sonoma (1600 Montana Ave.) in Santa Monica, “blendaholic” and Vitamix guru Tess Masters will be on hand to give demos of the surprising array of vegan and gluten-free recipes (not just juices) from her new book The Blender Girl, which she will also be signingUntil then, check out her popular blog and find recipes here. 




Gluten Free Book Signing And Demo With Kristine Kidd At Williams-Sonoma In BH

This Saturday, March 16th at the Beverly Hills branch of Williams-Sonoma, you can get an opportunity to check out gluten free done at the hands of a pro.  Cookbook author, culinary expert, and food editor of Bon Appétit magazine for 20 years, Kristine Kidd will be demonstrating recipes and signing copies of her latest book, Weeknight Gluten Free: Simple, healthy meals for every night of the week.  The event begins at 2:00pm and is bound to be crowded so come early.  Note: only cookbooks purchased at W-S will be eligible for signing.  Read more about Kristine Kidd at her blog: kristinekidd, and get more info about the event here: williams-sonoma.

Ina Garten Book Signing At Williams-Sonoma, Santa Monica

You know you can’t resist her… TV darling and prolific cookbook author Ina Garten will be signing copies of her latest book Barefoot Contessa Foolproof: Recipes You Can Trust on Thursday, November 15, 12:00pm at the Williams-Sonoma at 1600 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica.  Come early as lines usually stretch for blocks and the book must have been bought at W-S with proof of purchase.  Call (310) 586-1018 for more details.