Le Petit Chez Mimi Opens In Santa Monica…

Ever since I first told you about the impending arrival of the latest incarnation of beloved French restaurant Chez Mimi back in February, thousands of you have been checking for updates and demanding answers.  Here you go:  Le Petit Chez Mimi opened a delightful outdoor dining room on Friday (10/07/2020)).  Le Petit Chez Mimi is helmed by local legend Chef Mimi.  Read more about her newest eatery in my original piece here.  De rien

Update:  While I don’t normally endorse restaurants, I’ve been overwhelmed with requests for contact information…  Le Petit Chez Mimi’s website is now up and running.  Check it out here.  Or call (310) 264-4464 to make a reservation.  Encore de rien

6 thoughts on “Le Petit Chez Mimi Opens In Santa Monica…

  1. Hi,

    Wanted to give you a head’s up the restaurant Estate on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica has closed. Very sad as that was a great restaurant.

    All the best,

    Kimberly Jaffe L.A. ANY DAY L.A. Entertainment Concierge™️ LAAnyDay.com / @laanyday (310) 729-9626

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  3. you MUST go to chez Mimi she has done a beautiful job on outdoor dining and the good it outstaning, service is the best and you are so safe from other guests. you must try out her new place!

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