Go Get Em Tiger Pouncing On Montana Ave

About a year ago, I noticed an ABC application on the construction fencing at 930 Montana Ave.  The application listed the new tenant as Bluestone Lane Coffee.  Well, things seem to have changed.  The application is gone, and window paper is announcing that Bluestone Lane is out and none other than creative coffee purveyors Go Get Em Tiger are moving in.  This will be Santa Monica’s second branch.

3 thoughts on “Go Get Em Tiger Pouncing On Montana Ave

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  2. Is this thing still underway? Sometimes the door is open and construction people are doing construction things, but the time lag is curious, even for SM!

    • I know! I can’t figure out what is going on. Cleary there is construction, but no where near close. This space was supposed to be a Bluestone Lane before the Pandemic. Not sure what the hold up is…

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