Panda Express Coming To Santa Monica

The shopping center on the Southwest corner of Lincoln and Pico is a very busy place.  It caters to a steady stream of students pouring out of nearby SaMo High.  Already stacked with fast food options, a new contender appears to be moving in soon.  A banner over the space at 1902 Lincoln Suite B is announcing a branch of “American Chinese” restaurant chain Panda Express.


3 thoughts on “Panda Express Coming To Santa Monica

  1. The Panda Express across from another Santa Monica school, Roosevelt Elementary School on Lincoln and Montana, has been done well for over a decade-plus, so they know where to place their Pandas!

  2. Hi TRA

    Apologies if this is old news but

    pizette in culver city market is

    *showing up as perm closed on Yelp & Google Maps
    *looked closed for good to my friend on 2/10 when he was there
    *did not answer phone 2/9

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