Simples Replaces Candy With Super Nutrition On Main St.

A bit ago, I told you about the for lease sign pasted on the front of A Real Treat Candy Boutique at 2724 Main in Santa Monica portending doom for the natural confectionary.  Wasting no time, it appears that Simples has moved in.  And what precisely is Simples?  “A line of hand prepared, plant based tonics” that you can read more about here.



A Reat Treat Candy Boutique Turns Sour In SM

A Real Treat Candy Boutique caused a sensation when it first opened as a pop-up in 2013, and later landed in Santa Monica.  Offering “better” candy options that were free from artificial junk, they were lauded by LA Weekly in 2016.  Sadly, it appears that things have gone sour, as a large for lease sign is now tacked to the front of their brick and mortar at 2724 Main St.  I’ll keep my eye on the space to see what moves in…


A Real Treat Candy Boutique Coming Soon To SM…

And while we’re on the subject of Main St., things are about to get a whole lot sweeter.  Right across from now-defunct Wildflour Pizza, construction is underway on a new candy kitchen and shop, A Real Treat Candy Boutique at 2724 Main St. in Santa Monica.  With one store already at 10800 West Pico Blvd. in LA, ART promises a natural selection of house-made candies that are free of artificial sweeteners, with vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and allergy sensitive choices that you can read more about here.