All About The Bread Closes In Century City

They’re dropping like flies in Century City…  It was only back in December of last year that I noticed that Melrose’s specialty sandwich shop All About The Bread had quietly slipped into the turbulent waters of the food court of the Westfield Century City Shopping Center.  Sadly, they have abandoned their space in the rapidly changing mall.  That brings the total number of vacancies to three…



All About The Bread Opens In Century City

The Westfield Century City Shopping Center is a flurry of activity and construction lately.  We’ve been promised 15 new eateries (including Eataly).  The latest?  Melrose’s specialty sandwich shop All About The Bread has opened a branch in the food court.  The concept here is a focus on artisan, handcrafted bread that is baked fresh every 30 minutes delivering a product with a crunchy exterior and fluffy interior which is then used to make any one of a number of signature sandwiches.  Check out the menu and read more here.