Dan Modern Chinese Replacing Ippudo In Santa Monica

A few years ago when it opened, Ippudo caused quite a stir with its tonkotsu ramen that was a huge hit in New York.  But things have changed.  Ippudo is no more.  And what’s next for the space at 1403 2nd St.?  Why none other than expanding dumpling and noodle chain Dan Modern Chinese.  According to their website, they’ll also be opening in Playa Vista and Manhatten Beach soon as well. Dan1.jpgDan2

Bravo Cucina Bites The Dust In Santa Monica

While there’s no notice announcing it and their website is still up and running, it appears that longtime Santa Monica resident Bravo Cucina has abruptly closed down at 1319 Third Street Promenade.  A peek inside reveals that the Italian restaurant long known for its hard-working hostesses who stood outside enticing tourists to eat there, has already essentially been gutted and Yelp users confirm the sad closure.  There’s no indication of what may take its place, but I’ll keep my eye on it.


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Yet Another Boozy Theater!

I think the finger is out of the dyke on this one…  With more and more movie theaters on the Westside either redesigning themselves with food and drink menus or being built with restaurants comes news of one more to join the stampede:  It appears that the dusty AMC Santa Monica 7 on the corner of 3rd and Arizona is getting a remodel.  And according to the advertisements on the fencing outside, they’ll soon be offering beer, wine, and cocktails to the bill of fare as well as reclining chairs.  Not sure if they’ll have food service like the Marina AMC, but I’ll keep watching…