Bobarrito (Finally) Opens In The Third St. Promenade

Well that took a long time…  Well over a year ago, I first noticed that food truck folks Bobaritto were finally putting down roots at 1321 Third Street Promenade in Downtown Santa Monica.  I’m not sure what the hold up was, but they have recently thrown open their doors and are dispensing sushi burritos, poke, and boba tea to the good people of Santa Monica.



Bobaritto Gets A Brick And Mortar In The Third Street Promenade

With food trucks in LA, OC, and NY, it appears that sushi burrito, poke, and boba tea specialists Bobaritto is getting a brick and mortar.  Paper has gone up on the space that used to house longtime Santa Monica fixture George’s Bistro at 1321 Third Street Promenade announcing the impending arrival.  No word on an opening date, but until then, check out their menu (and secret menu) and learn more about what exactly a sushi burrito is here.